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NW x FAW - wooden panels

Naturewalls®: Premium wooden panels

Have you been thinking for a long time about whether you want to make a high-quality wooden panel wall at home or in the office? One that has both aesthetics through timeless and modern design and excellent sound insulation properties? Our wooden panels from the Flat, Edge and Smooth series are just right for you! Whether it's a large wooden wall or just a part as an accent wall, the panels can be attached to the wall in many different options and layouts thanks to their 2D & 3D designs. For example, it is also possible to combine our series with each other to create extraordinary accents and surfaces. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you on your project free of charge and without obligation. Contact us today by phone, using the contact form or by email to .

Easy DIY: wooden panel ceiling

The question often arises as to whether our wooden panels are difficult to mount on the wall or ceiling? Here we have a quick answer: No! Even a wooden wall with our oak and American walnut panels is not difficult to assemble. In fact, it's very easy to do and can be done in just a few minutes without any specialist knowledge. The only thing you need is a suitable assembly adhesive from us or from the hardware store. This is how it works: After you order the wooden panels, we deliver them packed in boxes (1m² each) to your home or office using a parcel service of your choice or a shipping company. All you then have to do is attach the panels to the wall in your desired layout. The great thing is, our wooden panels can be mounted on both the wall and the ceiling. And most importantly: the acoustic panels are made exclusively from the highest quality and durable materials.

Nature for acoustics: acoustic wooden panels

Naturewalls® Accoustics - It's not just our products made from mosses and plants that are excellent acoustic absorbers! Our wooden acoustic panels are also an ideal alternative to improve the acoustics and sound insulation in rooms. Our panels can be mounted on walls, ceilings and other surfaces indoors and outdoors - e.g. in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even in the hallway or bathroom. With our acoustic panels you can create an improved sound environment without annoying reverberation or loud background noise. The acoustic panels are also an exceptional decorative element for interior spaces that are to be highlighted with an accent wall. Our 2D & 3D series have a timeless and modern design that is available with various surface coatings in oak and American walnut. Please let our experts advise you on our acoustic solutions in a personal, non-binding conversation.

100% natural: oak wooden panels

A really good question: Can our oak wooden panels also be installed outdoors? There are two answers to this: one “yes” and one “no”. Our wooden panels with the standard coating are not suitable for outdoor use in strong weather conditions. However, if desired, we can also refine the panels with a special coating for outdoor use. Our experts will be happy to advise you individually and without obligation on your project. Why not take advantage of our sample service and order our sample box with our wooden panels to your home today.


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