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Rustic cork walls

Natural cork stands for sustainability, aesthetics and a deep connection to nature. The subtle properties of natural cork create a harmonious atmosphere and give your room a calm, natural character. Our high-quality cork walls are carefully perfected by hand from renewable and natural bark from the Portuguese cork oak.

With Naturewalls® as a Germany-wide partner for property and office greening, everything from a single source - from advice to planning to final assembly on site. Make an inquiry today.

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Your advantages with Naturewalls®.

Natural cork

Natural product made from the natural bark of the Portuguese cork oak, carefully harvested by hand.

100% sustainable

The real tree bark of the Portuguese cork oak represents a sustainable, renewable material.

Improved room acoustics

Thanks to its molecular structure, our real natural cork has been proven to reduce sound by up to 40% (NRC).

Real perfection

The tree bark elements are painstakingly perfected by hand to create a unique character.

Our projects.

Rindenwand aus Kork Wandpaneelen von Naturewalls.


Rustikale Baumrinde der echten portugiesischen Korkeiche in ihrer natürlichen Struktur.

Rindenwand Slate als Korkwand von Naturewalls.


Rustikaler Charme mit der natürlichen Struktur des Korks als Schicht.

Korkwandfliesen Sandstone in der Optik von Sandstein von Naturewalls.


Kork der Korkeiche in außergewöhnlicher Optik des typischen Sandsteins.

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Konfigurieren Sie ihre Korkwand und Rindenwand aus echter Korkeiche mit dem Naturewalls Konfigurator.

Online configurator.

Our high-quality cork walls are available in various designs such as the structure of the surface and in several colors. Use our online configurator and find the ideal product for your project.

Configure your project in just a few steps and receive a non-binding offer within 24 hours. Are you still unsure about some of your ideas? We would be happy to advise you personally.

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CORK! by Naturewalls®: cork walls

Welcome to Naturewalls, your expert for exclusive cork walls made from Portuguese cork oak! Our cork walls represent the essence of natural beauty and bring the unparalleled elegance of the Portuguese cork oak directly into your home. The cork walls from Naturewalls are characterized by their authenticity. The cork bark used is left in its natural, untreated state to preserve the unique texture and natural color of the Portuguese cork oak. These natural elements are carefully selected and handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and aesthetics. Our cork walls are more than just wall coverings. They are a statement for sustainable design and environmentally friendly design. The Portuguese cork oak is a renewable resource and harvesting occurs under strict sustainable practices. Careful peeling leaves the tree intact and allows the bark to grow back in a carefully choreographed cycle. The versatility of cork makes our cork walls an ideal choice for a wide variety of spaces. Cork is not only a natural sound absorber that creates a calm and harmonious atmosphere, but also an insulating material that contributes to energy efficiency. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic or timeless style, our cork walls adapt seamlessly and give your space a unique character. Experience nature in its purest form with cork walls from Naturewalls. Discover the beauty of the Portuguese cork oak and design your home with timeless elegance and sustainable design. With us you not only bring nature, but also a piece of Portugal directly onto your wall.

Bark walls: cork for the wall

Innovative wall design with cork – the natural accent for contemporary rooms. Our cork for the wall solutions are not only stylish, but also functional and sustainable. Cork for the wall is a modern and aesthetic way to add a natural touch to your rooms. At Naturewalls we inform you about the latest trends and applications of cork in wall design. This sustainable solution not only offers visual appeal, but also excellent acoustic properties to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Our cork walls are carefully crafted from high quality cork bark and offer a natural aesthetic that harmonizes with modern design. Find out from us how cork is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers functional advantages as wall covering. NatureWalls stands for contemporary cork wall solutions that perfectly combine elegance and sustainability. Discover the variety of cork for walls at Naturewalls and give your rooms natural warmth and timeless beauty. With our expertise, we bring a breath of fresh air into your wall design and rely on sustainable solutions for modern living environments.

Individual advice & planning: cork wall

Our cork wall solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a modern way to design your rooms. We make it a point to inform you about the latest developments in cork wall technology and to introduce you to innovative ways to use cork indoors. Using cork as wall covering is not only stylish but also extremely functional. The natural properties of cork make it an excellent soundproofing material, creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere. In addition, cork is a sustainable material that has a positive impact on the environment. Our cork wall solutions are made from high-quality cork bark and offer not only a natural aesthetic but also improved technical properties. We present you innovative designs and applications that make cork wall a contemporary choice for any room. Find out at Naturewalls how cork is not only a sustainable choice, but also perfectly combines modern design and functionality. Discover the latest trends and innovations in cork wall design and bring a breath of fresh air into your rooms with us. Naturewalls – for contemporary cork walls with style and substance. We also offer you the opportunity to use our sample delivery service and request your cork favorites to touch and try out. Contact us today, we look forward to your message or a pleasant and informative conversation.

Rustic cork walls: cork wall covering

Discover the natural elegance of cork wall coverings with Naturewalls - your first address for contemporary and sustainable wall design. Our cork wall coverings not only bring a warm and organic aesthetic to your rooms, but also represent our commitment to environmentally conscious design. Naturewalls' cork wall coverings are made from high-quality Portuguese cork oak, a renewable raw material that is harvested under strict ecological practices. The natural beauty of the cork bark is retained and each wall covering is carefully crafted by hand. The versatility of cork makes our wall coverings not only an aesthetic highlight, but also a functional solution. Cork is naturally sound-absorbing and insulating, which contributes to pleasant room acoustics and energy efficiency. With Naturewalls you can transform your rooms into natural oases. The cork wall coverings are not only stylish, but also a conscious decision for sustainable interior design. Discover the variety of cork wall coverings and be inspired by the beauty of nature - Naturewalls, where sustainability meets elegance.


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