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Moss picture pole moss 25 x 25 - white

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Moss picture 25 x 25 with fine ball moss in the color forest green in a white solid wood frame - "Evergreen" made from 100% real ball moss and made by hand. Has a calming effect and creates a feel-good climate with a natural character.

Real ball moss : Our moss pictures are made from real ball moss from the vast forests and rugged mountains of northern Scandinavia.

Maintenance-free nature : It does not need to be watered, lit or cut.

Where is it made : In the Naturewalls® factory in Germany, near Hanover.

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Technical details

Dimensions (WxHxD) / weight

25 x 25 x 4 cm / about 2 kg

Greening type

100% pole moss (preserved)


forest green


White - 100% solid wood (FSC®-certified)


Frame series | Naturewalls®

Frame dimensions

Our high-quality frames from carpenters have a depth of 40 mm and a thickness of 20 mm.


With integrated rear prong suspension for wall mounting, can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Is that real moss?

We only use certified natural moss. It is carefully harvested, carefully cleaned by hand and preserved in an environmentally friendly way.

Does the moss need to be watered?

No, the moss is preserved using an environmentally friendly process. Therefore, the moss must not be sprayed or watered.

Does the moss need lighting?

No, moss does not require any lighting due to preservation. This means it can also be installed in shady places.

Does the moss grow over time?

No, due to preservation, the moss can no longer grow and does not need to be cut over time.

Do the pictures collect dust over time?

No, due to the antistatic effect of our products, no dust collects on the plants or mosses.

Are the images suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, since these are real mosses and plants that have been preserved and are therefore no longer alive, the pictures are ideal for allergy sufferers.

How are the images preserved?

Our process for unsurpassable freshness and color brilliance consists of environmentally friendly salts and glycerin.

Delivery & Returns


Free of charge from 50 € (DE & AT) through DHL and DPD (CH from 100 €). Usually within 3-5 working days.


Send it back to us within 30 days without any problems. Free return shipping (DE) for orders over €70.


Please avoid long-term, intense sunlight or light (e.g. halogen spotlights with a short distance).

Please avoid extreme humidity (>70%) and very dry air. Do not hang the products near heat sources.

Even if the plants appear absolutely natural: please do not water or spray!

Our plants and mosses are genuine and natural products, so changes may occur in rare cases.

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