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Naturewalls Ratgeber: Echtes Islandmoos, alles zum konservierten Moos aus Nordskandinavien.

Reindeer moss: 5 interesting facts

Reindeer moss for decoration and crafts

Reindeer moss is a shrub lichen that absorbs the necessary nutrients from light or air. It has a cushion-shaped appearance and has many special properties. Its surface structure resembles the treetops of a forest. Due to this appearance, this type of moss is particularly suitable for crafting and decorating private and commercial spaces. With craft moss, moss walls and moss pictures from this type of moss, you have many creative design options.
In this article you will learn everything about what makes this type of moss special.

Real moss: Scandinavian origin and sustainable harvest

The Iceland moss grows on acidic soils as well as on rocks and trees in cool, moist environments such as in northern Scandinavia. There it is found in the tundra, in deciduous deciduous forests and boreal coniferous forests. Reindeer moss requires special growing conditions that are ideal in the far north. It is also called Icelandic moss, reindeer moss, Irish moss, fever moss or staghorn lichen.

The harvest takes place by hand between May and October by local producers. Only small amounts of Icelandic moss are removed from the moss carpet, so that the moss carpet can regenerate quickly. The harvest is therefore 100% sustainable and takes place in accordance with legal regulations - just as is common with logging in Scandinavian forests. Because moss, like trees, is a renewable raw material.

Our local producers only pick as much reindeer moss as is necessary for ecological balance. The areas should remain vital and a habitat for plants and animals. Picking carefully is the guarantee that the Icelandic moss can grow back again. After harvesting, it is dried and cleaned so that it can retain its natural properties. Finally, experienced specialists have to preserve the Icelandic moss and dye it in a wide variety of colors. The shape, color and structure are generally retained for 5 to 10 years.

Convincing properties for a lot of naturalness

Natural reindeer moss is only soft when the humidity is high, around 95%. Thanks to the preservation process using ecological substances, preserved moss is soft and flexible at a humidity between 40% and 70%. Because the reindeer moss then binds the humidity. Preserved Icelandic moss retains its positive properties in all indoor spaces with normal humidity.

If the humidity falls below 30%, the reindeer moss releases the moisture and becomes dry, hard and brittle. It also shows the air quality as an indicator. But when the humidity increases again, it regains its tactile and aesthetic advantages. This is the advantage of preservation.

Preserved Iceland moss is also extremely moisture-regulating and sound-absorbing. Accordingly, it can be used for sound insulation in environments with higher noise levels. In addition, preserved Iceland moss does not attract insects and does not tend to form mold. Preserving reindeer moss also has an antistatic effect. The moss products are therefore not attractive to dust. As a natural product, preserved Icelandic moss is therefore ideal for indoor use and crafts.

The possible uses for crafts and decoration are numerous. Because preserved Iceland moss is not only available in green. The coloring process makes a variety of colors possible, which you can also combine with each other. Preserved Iceland moss also goes well with many other materials in interior design: wood, ceramics, glass or PVC.

No maintenance necessary

Preserved moss is suitable for indoor use and requires no maintenance. Because it does not continue to grow after preservation - just like felled wood. Therefore, no special care measures are required for growth. You do not need to water, fertilize, or prune the reindeer moss.

The moss products you buy should not be exposed to direct or long-term sunlight. You should also avoid close proximity to radiators and air conditioning systems. During the heating season, the premises should have a sufficiently high level of humidity to preserve the properties of the moss and promote a long service life. But spraying the moss directly is taboo.

Natural moss walls made from Icelandic moss

Nothing happens without reindeer moss. We use natural Icelandic moss of the highest quality for our moss products. We manufacture each moss product individually and handcrafted so that it has the character of a unique piece. No matter whether it is a moss wall, a moss picture or loose reindeer moss.

Moss walls bring nature into private, public and private spaces and change the character of the room in a natural way. They are a real eye-catcher that exudes calm and creativity at the same time. But with its sound-absorbing and moisture-regulating properties, preserved Iceland moss also fulfills other important functions that contribute to people's well-being. The room acoustics and the room climate improve enormously with moss walls. In offices, this promotes concentrated and relaxed work, increasing productivity.

But moss walls can also be used in a variety of ways in other commercial environments. These can be hotels, restaurants, doctor's offices, wellness facilities, event locations or fitness studios. Moss walls everywhere convey the impression of naturalness, closeness to nature, sustainability, relaxation and creativity.

Our moss walls consist of individual moss panels in standard sizes that can be combined with each other as required. It can be attached to the wall using mounting adhesive or screws. In addition to the standardized moss panels, we also manufacture your moss walls according to your individual ideas. The moss walls are available in different colors. You are not limited to a single shade of green. For larger projects it is possible to use the entire range of RAL colors for coloring. If you would like to buy a high-quality wall made of reindeer moss for your premises, then please take a look at our shop.

Creative moss pictures and loose Icelandic moss

Our reindeer moss pictures are no less attractive, but a little smaller. This means you can beautify your walls with a natural product of the highest quality. The moss is framed in a high-quality solid wood frame. Pure nature. Reindeer moss pictures are used for vertical wall greening and loosen up any room. The reindeer moss used is always picked and cleaned by hand and then naturally preserved and colored. We then glue the Icelandic moss individually into the frames. Moss pictures are therefore exclusive unique pieces that we create with a lot of handwork and attention to detail.

Our reindeer moss pictures are available in square, rectangular and round versions. We would also be happy to design tailor-made solutions for you according to your personal wishes. The reindeer moss pictures are also available from us with LED lighting integrated into the frame. As with all other moss products, there is no maintenance required for you. Alternatively, you can use loose Iceland moss to create a picture for the wall according to your own wishes.

Loose Icelandic moss is ideal for crafting. Because of its soft structure, it can be used universally. You can glue it with hot glue or fix it on a sponge. The natural moss is suitable, for example, for creating arrangements or moss pictures with a three-dimensional structure. The moss decoration retains its freshness for many years. Our experts will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to preserved Reindeer moss. If you want to buy an exclusive product made from reindeer moss, then it's best to stop by our shop and let yourself be enchanted by its exclusive naturalness.

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