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Mooswand: Der ausführliche Ratgeber von Naturewalls.

Moss walls: The detailed guide

Plants in the offices and in your own apartment, yes, but moss on the wall? Many people still react this way when they hear about moss walls. These green areas have many advantages: With the color “green”, they bring a natural natural character into rooms, improve the indoor climate, the acoustics and much more. That’s what we at Naturewalls® want to explain in this article.

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the essentials in brief

  • Moss walls are 100% maintenance-free
  • Handcrafted from real and sustainable moss
  • Our moss is preserved in a natural process
  • Can be assembled "DIY" without specialist knowledge.

What is a moss wall actually?

We at Naturewalls® often receive this question, which is why we would first like to explain to you what a moss wall actually is: Moss walls are a combination of several individual elements covered with moss that are put together to form a large-scale green wall .

For several years now, they have been considered a new trend in professional and sustainable living space greening. As moss panels or moss pictures, moss walls can only cover certain areas or cover the entire wall with greenery. This creates a real and natural vertical natural garden, with many exceptional advantages.

Advantages of a moss wall

Moss walls are not just a creative replacement for green wallpaper or typical wall coverings. They promote the indoor climate in the office and calm the body and soul with their natural character. Scientific studies have shown that moss and plant walls and the color “green” have a positive influence on the well-being of employees and also have a calming effect.

We at Naturewalls® have used pretty much every type of moss wall in our projects. Therefore, in the following section we would like to tell you what other advantages a moss wall made of preserved moss has:

  • Compared to normal plant walls with "live" plants, the moss wall has another advantage: it is 100% maintenance-free. While with a plant wall you have to take care of each plant individually or install complex irrigation measures, this is not necessary with a moss wall. In fact, the moss does not need to be watered, fertilized or illuminated. Since it is a real preserved moss, it is durable and regulates its own moisture balance.
  • Thanks to the gentle and ecological preservation process based on glycerin, the moss has antistatic properties and is therefore dust-repellent to a certain extent.
  • How easy the moss wall is to care for is shown by the fact that it does not need to be trimmed. Instead, it retains its shape and therefore a solid appearance for many years. This makes it easy to use them creatively and design-wise and to integrate them into the conditions of your own space.
  • Even in a long-term cost comparison between a moss wall and a plant wall with an irrigation system, the clear cost advantages of the moss wall in terms of the ongoing costs for care, maintenance and irrigation become clear.

What are moss walls best suited for?

From many projects, we at Naturewalls® know quite well what a moss wall is best suited for. Many people initially associate this type of green wall with beautifying rooms, but as we have already seen from the advantages, a moss wall is suitable for many other purposes.

Living room , hallway or kitchen , even in the private area you can create an extraordinary natural accent with a moss wall. In the bathroom, for example, there are great opportunities to enhance the rather dreary room with a touch of forest and nature in a niche or behind the mirror.

Moss walls in offices , practices , boutiques , cafés and restaurants are not only a real eye-catcher, but also the easiest and cheapest way to integrate nature and a pleasant atmosphere into everyday work. This has been proven to increase employee productivity with a positive impact on the mood in the team.

A moss wall also has its full effect in public areas such as educational institutions , airports and entrance halls . The green wall attracts everyone's attention, reduces noise by up to 60% and has a calming effect on the body and soul thanks to the natural effect.

Which moss can be used for a moss wall?

At Naturewalls® we are convinced of an extensive range of different preserved moss and plant species. So it is no problem for us to create individual and "extraordinary" works of art from a combination of mosses and plants. The most common types of moss for a moss wall include:

  • Reindeer moss, also commonly known as reindeer moss, is a cushion-shaped shrub lichen from the mountains and forests of northern Scandinavia.
  • Ball moss, also known as cushion or ball moss, is nothing other than fine forest moss in a semicircular shape. The velvety soft structure radiates calm and serenity.
  • Forest moss is a typical and widespread flat moss, with an exceptional and natural character inspired by the local forest.
  • Provencial ball moss is a ball moss that is fluffier and hairier and has a particularly soft and round structure with an extraordinary feel and look.

Each species brings with it its own texture, colors and individual characteristics. Our experienced experts will be happy to help you find the right moss for your premises. Of course everything is completely non-binding and free of charge.

What is preserved moss anyway?

A preserved moss is a “real” plant or a real natural moss. It is sustainably harvested from certified farms in northern Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Finland, carefully cleaned by hand and then preserved in an ecological "evergreen" process.

Natural and environmentally friendly glycerin is used to preserve the moss. Here, the plant sap in the moss is replaced by glycerin, thus preserving the moss. This means it has a long-lasting shelf life, does not need to be watered or illuminated and no longer grows.

Although a real "living" moss wall made of non-preserved moss would be more "natural", it requires significantly more attention and care. A complex irrigation system would have to be integrated for regular water supply on site. What was actually a simple DIY assembly would turn into a complex, time-consuming and costly affair.

For these reasons and our experience, we always advise our customers to have a wall made of preserved mosses and plants without any maintenance and long-term follow-up costs.

Types of Moss Walls

Moss walls come in many different variations. These differ mainly in size, design and of course the intended use.

The smallest type of moss wall is called the typical moss pictures . These are often available as a combination of mosses and plants with a natural and high-quality solid wood frame. However, it is also possible to get moss pictures without a frame with a green outer edge. At Naturewalls® we only use the highest quality materials for our moss pictures, such as frames from local carpenters and sustainable premium moss. Our moss pictures are available in different formats, including round pictures.

Wall greening refers to the most common type of moss wall and usually covers large wall or ceiling surfaces. These consist of individual moss panels, which consist of a support board, usually made of MDF wood materials or self-adhesive felt, and the selected type of moss. The moss panels in your individual desired size only need to be assembled for final assembly at the place of use.

We also have adjustable room dividers and partition walls with preserved moss and plants in our range. They can be set up flexibly anywhere in the room to separate workstations or offices from one another, to provide privacy and to reduce noise in individual areas. The room dividers and partitions consist of a moss surface and a high-quality powder-coated frame (with and without wheels) which can be colored in any RAL color.

Caring for a moss wall

Moss walls are particularly easy to care for because preserved moss does not require complex care like other “living” plants. You don't have to water it, trim it or replace it. Another advantage: Even beetles and other insects avoid the preserved moss walls indoors.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can enjoy your moss wall for a long time. Avoid spraying the moss with liquids, as this will dissolve the environmentally friendly paint in which the moss is colored. Also avoid any chemicals or cleaning agents, as these could damage the moss.

Even if it is "dust-repellent" due to ecological preservation, some stubborn dust can settle on the moss wall over time. Here you can easily remove dust and dirt from the moss using a handheld vacuum cleaner on a low setting or a feather duster. If your moss wall has a frame, you can of course easily wipe it carefully with a damp cloth.

You should also make sure that the humidity in the room is between 35-65% (normal room humidity). If the humidity in the room is too low for a long period of time, the moss can dry out and become hard. A standard household humidifier can help with this problem.

Acoustics - soundproofing and moss walls

A special property of moss walls that is often used in commercial areas is the improved room acoustics. The wall made of moss absorbs sound and noise thanks to the natural structure of the plants. This means that noises are carried less far through the room and cooperation and communication are improved. According to scientific studies, a large moss wall can achieve a sound absorption level of up to 60%.

Moss walls absorb high frequencies particularly effectively, which is why they are specifically used as acoustic solutions for offices plagued by noise and noise. This means that individual ways can be found for each office to use a moss wall where it reduces noise particularly well. Free areas on the walls, on the other hand, transmit conversations and voices, the ringing of telephones and cell phones, electrical devices and office supplies, dropped objects, footsteps and many other noises, thus creating a nerve-wracking background noise that reduces productivity.

However, thanks to their soft nature and structure, moss walls absorb these noises and, due to the uneven surface, offer significantly fewer reflections for a reverberation effect. Whether flexibly set-up room dividers and partition walls or a moss wall, they all represent an effective remedy against poor acoustics.

Moss wall with logos for the perfect corporate design

A moss wall is also exactly the right thing to implement the ideal corporate design in companies. There are countless options here such as logo integrations, frames in all RAL colors and moss logos . Your moss wall can be individually designed so that it accurately reflects your branding, logo or company motto.

For example, we can also color the moss in an individual color for company logos. But classic logos made of steel, stainless steel and acrylic are also no problem for us. This makes unique and memorable designs possible, which, for example, fit perfectly into your assembly hall, conference and meeting rooms or your office.

    A common topic: Can you make a moss wall yourself?

    First of all, a very clear answer: Yes! In fact, you can easily assemble a moss wall yourself. This can be done quickly using the “Do-It-Yourself” principle and only requires a few simple steps.

    And how does it work? Simply ask us about your moss wall in the desired size. Our experts will create an individual, non-binding offer for you. After confirmation, you will receive a production drawing from us that shows the assembly steps for approval. Your moss wall is then elaborately made by hand in our factory. Here the moss wall is first manufactured in its full size and then separated into transportable and numbered individual elements. You will ultimately receive the moss wall well packaged via shipping. All you need for assembly is an assembly adhesive and dowels and screws. Even areas measuring several square meters can be completed within one to two hours. We even offer moss walls made from panels with a flexible and self-adhesive backing.

    Frequently asked questions about moss walls

    Finally, we would like to address the most important and frequently asked questions about our moss walls. We hope that this section helps you .

    Indoor or outdoor moss wall?

    Although our premium moss is very resilient, our moss walls are not suitable for outdoor use. The weather conditions here could cause severe damage to the moss over time due to direct and unprotected sunlight and moisture.

    Can preserved mosses cause allergies?

    Thanks to our gentle and environmentally friendly preservation process, allergy to the "real" moss that can occur with normal plants is excluded.

    Which rooms are moss walls best suited for?

    Basically, moss walls can be used in all interior rooms where the humidity is not too high. In larger rooms they ensure improved room acoustics, but even in smaller offices they can have a positive effect on the room climate and well-being.

    What sizes are the moss walls available in?

    Moss walls can be made in any desired size. Whether it's a small moss picture measuring 25 x 25 cm or a large green wall in a public area. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you individually and without obligation.

    Do you have further questions or would you like advice?

    If you have any further questions about moss walls or would like to contact our experts for non-binding and free advice , please use our contact form below.

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