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Naturewalls Ratgeber: Mooswand Pflege - Wie pflege ich eine Mooswand richtig!

Moss wall care: What you have to pay attention to!

Moss walls are a good option for wall greening that is very popular. There are no limits to the design of moss walls: There are both living moss walls and preserved moss walls , which differ greatly in terms of purchase costs and the amount of maintenance required. For most applications, preserved moss walls are the perfect solution. You can find out why this is the case in this article.

How do I care for a moss wall?

Most people love nature. So it is not surprising that natural products are in huge demand. A living moss wall would then only be the logical consequence. After all, there are countless houseplants from all continents available to buy from specialist retailers. And a living moss wall is also made up of living plants . A living moss wall that is watered is a very interesting idea in theory. In practice, however, there are some hurdles that make its use impractical, uneconomical and therefore unsustainable.

In nature, many mosses settle primarily where other plants cannot thrive. These are, for example, shady and damp locations or steep rock faces. They adapt to the conditions of the environment in terms of temperature, light and humidity . However, when these mosses are taken from their natural habitat and used to create a living moss wall, it comes as a shock to them. The mosses stop their metabolic functions, so that there can no longer be any talk of being alive. Relocating to a new habitat damages the natural mosses and always poses a risk to their growth and durability.

In addition, living mosses do not absorb the moisture they need through their roots, but through the surface of the moss. Soft rainwater is therefore recommended for misting a living moss wall, although this must be sterilized. This is an additional technical effort that is only worthwhile in exceptional cases. Furthermore, the misted rainwater follows gravity, so that it collects in the lower area, while the upper area of ​​a living moss wall remains dry.

A living moss wall is definitely feasible, but only with a higher level of technical effort, especially for the irrigation system . This requires regular maintenance. And even then, permanent greenery is not guaranteed. Because it is still necessary to prune or replace the mosses if necessary. A living moss wall can also be attacked by pests or insects , which in turn leads to additional effort for removal. Plant diseases can also occur. This in turn increases the maintenance effort. In order to maintain a moss wall permanently through maintenance, an enormous amount of effort is required.

A living moss wall requires much more care overall than a stabilized moss wall. If a living moss wall is not maintained regularly and professionally, its lifespan will be greatly reduced. If care is incorrect or neglected, there is always a risk that the moss will become outdated. In addition, this additional maintenance effort is associated with considerable maintenance costs , which do not arise with preserved moss walls.

Moss wall inside preserved permanently through care

Preserved moss walls have a long lifespan due to preservation. The preservation process ensures that the texture, color and freshness are retained for as long as possible without you having to water, fertilize or spray the moss wall. Preserved moss walls are therefore easy to care for. But a minimum of care is still necessary. Ultimately, this also applies to other furnishings in your own four walls, in the office and in other rooms.

Regular light dusting is recommended. Preserved moss walls have an antistatic effect. But it's best to dust the moss surface carefully and carefully from time to time. You can use a feather duster, a microfiber cloth or a brush for this. To avoid damaging the preserved moss, do not apply excessive pressure. You can also clean the frame of the respective moss wall from time to time. But that was it for the care. It is more important to choose a suitable location so that you can enjoy your preserved moss wall for a long time.

Perfect choice of location for preserved moss wall

Preserved moss walls are only suitable for indoor use . Only in closed rooms are they protected from weather conditions that could have a negative impact on their service life. An important tip when choosing a location is that the preserved moss wall should not be exposed directly to sunlight for long periods of time . Because prolonged and direct sunlight causes the color of the moss to diminish. Therefore, artificial or natural light, which is indirect, is better for the durability of a preserved moss wall.

Preserved moss can still absorb moisture through the surface. Therefore, you must not wet it under any circumstances. In addition, the humidity must not exceed 70 percent . The water can penetrate the moss and destroy the preservation, so that the moss begins to rot over time. If the humidity is too low over a longer period of time, the mosses can harden. However, when the humidity increases, the mosses recover quickly. Ideally, the humidity should be between 40 and 60 percent.

Strong temperature fluctuations are also unfavorable for the durability of a preserved moss wall. A normal room temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius is ideal. To prevent too much moisture from accumulating on the moss wall, good air circulation should be ensured. The direct vicinity of a radiator must be avoided.

Care and location selection are crucial for durability

If you implement the tips for choosing a location and care, you will ensure that your preserved moss wall lasts a long time . This way you can have as much fun as possible with a beautiful eye-catcher in your rooms. A preserved moss wall is therefore a very good alternative to a living moss wall. Even a preserved moss mural will last a long time if cared for. In addition to the higher purchase costs, a living moss wall also requires significantly more maintenance. A preserved moss wall is an optimal solution for you if you want to create a natural environment in your rooms without this major maintenance effort.

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