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Naturewalls Ratgeber: Mooswand mit Logo. Mit integrierter LED-Beleuchtung.

Moss wall with logo: corporate design for companies

With a logo moss wall you can showcase your corporate design in a completely individual way. This is how you present your green and sustainable company philosophy to your employees, customers, visitors and business partners. A moss wall with a logo is always a very special eye-catcher and strengthens your brand. It lasts for many years without any maintenance. You can add additional visual accents with a moss wall with LED or a moss wall with neon . In this article you will learn everything you need to know about moss walls with a logo.

Individual natural works of art with company logo

A moss wall with a logo is a special eye-catcher in reception areas, offices, restaurants, events, waiting areas, hotels or trade fairs. The areas of application are almost endless. With a moss wall including a logo, you can put your company in the right light. Because your own logo on a beautiful moss wall will be remembered for a long time. A moss wall with a logo goes perfectly with other interior design materials: for example glass, ceramic or wood.

But a moss wall with a logo or lettering also makes a visual statement in private areas. Names of loved ones can of course be used, but words such as “LOVE” or “HOME” can also form a logo.

When designing the moss wall, we focus entirely on your wishes. This allows you to determine the size and positioning of your logo. The logo itself can be made of different materials. Stainless steel, wood, acrylic, steel (powder-coated) or moss are possible. The logo can be colored in any RAL color. There are no limits to the creative scope.

We would be happy to advise you on all options when designing a moss wall with a logo . If you send us a logo file, we will clearly visualize your logo before production begins. This way you can be sure that we take your specifications into account 100 percent.

In addition, the moss wall with logo can also be combined with LED or neon lighting , creating an additional accent. Upon request, we can also create individual letters or logos made of moss . Present us with your creative ideas, which we would be happy to implement for you by hand and with great attention to detail .

Different types of moss for moss wall including logo

A moss wall is pure nature. The mosses used come from certified cultivation in northern Scandinavia . They are harvested by hand and then carefully cleaned. The mosses are then preserved using an ecological process so that they look natural and fresh for years.

With the different types of moss you have attractive design options. Your moss wall can, for example, consist of Icelandic moss , which is cushion-shaped. Therefore, the Icelandic moss can be used on a large scale for a moss wall, into which a logo can even be integrated using a different color.

Or the Iceland moss is combined with other types of moss to create a lively surface with different structures and colors. The ball moss, for example, is characterized by a semicircular shape and has a soft feel. This creates a 3D effect that exudes a pleasant atmosphere. The Provençal moss or hair moss brings even more liveliness to a moss wall thanks to its rather fuzzy and shaggy appearance.

In addition, the mosses can also be combined with plants to create very impressive natural works of art. Of course, we also produce lettering, individual letters or logos from moss for you.

As a natural product, moss has a calming effect. This applies both visually and acoustically. Because moss absorbs sound . Therefore, designing moss walls helps calm an environment with high noise levels.

The stabilized moss also has an antistatic effect so that no dust is attracted. Moss walls are also moisture-regulating . Humidity between 40 and 70% is ideal because then the moss binds the humidity. This keeps the moss flexible and soft.

Moss wall with LED and neon

The logo or lettering can be combined with innovative LED or neon lighting. For example, background lighting for the logo is possible, but also frame lighting . A moss wall with neon or a moss wall with LED attract attention in all rooms.

Our frames for the moss wall are very high quality. They are made of steel (powder-coated) or painted solid wood. For our logo moss walls, we offer you not only standard dimensions but also special dimensions according to your individual ideas. Installing a moss wall is easy, quick and clean.

Caring for logo moss walls

Moss walls are made of natural moss, which has been gently stabilized. Only ecological ingredients are used for the stabilization process. This eliminates the need to maintain the moss wall. A high level of longevity and lasting freshness are guaranteed. The harvested moss grows back like wood. Only as much moss is harvested as is compatible with nature.

A moss wall including a logo does not require any special care. You do not need to water, fertilize or prune moss walls. This means there are no follow-up costs for care. The feel and look of a moss wall remains intact for many years, even without additional care. You just need to follow a few simple rules to preserve naturalness and freshness.

You should avoid the moss wall being permanently exposed to intense light. Therefore, your moss wall should not be permanently and directly illuminated by either sunlight or an artificial light source.

You should also avoid direct proximity to air conditioning systems and radiators. Ensure optimal humidity , especially during the heating season, so that you and your visitors can enjoy your moss wall for as long as possible.

By choosing the perfect location, you have already made the most important decision. No further care is necessary. You can of course wipe the logo or lettering as well as the frame surface regularly with a dry cloth.

Each moss wall and logo are unique

With a moss wall complete with logo or lettering, your brand or message stands out positively. It is a real eye-catcher due to its structure and color. Each moss wall is truly unique. With a moss wall you can bring a piece of nature into your rooms. Lettering, individual letters or logos made of moss or a moss wall with neon or LED also complement the interior design of your business premises. With our extensive experience, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on your project. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a moss wall with a logo .

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