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Naturewalls Ratgeber: Raumteiler Moos, nachhaltiger Schallsschutz für das Büro mit Trennwänden aus echtem Moos.

Moss room divider: soundproofing for the office

Short paths for communication and networking are important cornerstones of the modern working world. Open group and large offices support this way of working, but at the same time place special demands on room acoustics. Are moss room dividers a good solution?

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A high noise level significantly disrupts the concentrated work of employees in the office. Constant noise is a burden on the team and causes stress. This in turn reduces employee performance and productivity.

Room dividers and partition walls have always been a preferred solution for dividing office landscapes. With our moss room dividers you don't just divide your office space. They are also a very effective soundproofing measure and decorative element.

Moss has a sound-absorbing effect, which significantly reduces reverberation. With a lower noise level, your employees will work more concentrated and productively. You can find out exactly what moss partitions are all about in this article.

Reduce noise in the office as a productivity killer

Depending on the location and layout of the office space, there are very different sources of noise in everyday office life. These can be conversations between colleagues, ringing telephones, technical devices, video conferences, visitor traffic or traffic noise. As a rule, these sources of noise cannot be avoided during daily work.

The annoying noise usually does not arise directly, but rather due to the reflected sound waves from the noise sources. This reverberation effect occurs when the sound waves from noise sources hit non-absorbent and hard surfaces.

Metal, glass and smooth surfaces therefore contribute to an increase in noise levels that are perceived as unpleasant. The high noise level leads to stress among employees and reduces their ability to concentrate, worsens the working atmosphere and reduces productivity.

You can stop the reverberation effect with moss on room dividers. Because moss, with its sound-absorbing properties, reduces noise. Soundproofing with moss partitions ultimately leads to noticeable benefits for employees:

• less stress
• Improved ability to concentrate
• Greater understanding of language when communicating
• greater well-being
• better working atmosphere
• higher productivity
• improved motivation

The acoustic optimization of offices is therefore always important health protection for all employees. In addition, improved room acoustics strengthens the overall performance of a company, institution or authority.

Partition walls made of moss as effective sound insulation

You have a lot of leeway when it comes to improving room acoustics. In addition to curtains, acoustic images or ceiling sails, room dividers are among the particularly effective soundproofing measures in the office.

Moss partitions are an ideal soundproofing measure for group offices, open-plan offices and other open office architectures. Because they are not only functional, but also very decorative. If you use moss room dividers, you can create a natural ambience with lots of variety in your offices.

After all, not all moss is the same: there are many different types of moss. These include, for example, flat moss, ball moss or Iceland moss. Due to the different types of moss, you have countless design options for your room divider with a moss wall.

The ball moss, for example, has a round or semi-round shape and a soft feel. Thanks to the clear 3D effect, ball moss exudes a calm atmosphere and is a natural eye-catcher.

The reindeer moss is cushion-shaped and is suitable for large-scale greening of partition walls in the office. It improves the indoor climate and is particularly moisture-regulating.

The hair moss or Provençal moss is a rustic type of ball moss. Its natural structure is rather shaggy and fuzzy. This natural look provides an attractive change in modern office spaces.

If you prefer even more variety, then the jungle variant is particularly recommended. The jungle version combines several mosses and plants into an evergreen room divider. The different structures and colors create individual natural works of art. You will be impressed.

Endless options for moss room dividers

With our moss room dividers you not only have different types of moss and different designs to choose from. Our stabilized mosses are also available in colors other than green. They are available in various bright standard colors. From certain purchase quantities, we can even dye the mosses individually according to the desired RAL colors.

Our moss room dividers are available not only in standard sizes, but also in special sizes. Optionally, the room dividers can even be equipped with a mobile roller system to enable flexible use.

In addition, our moss walls can be greened on one or both sides. The mosses are placed in a high-quality stainless steel frame that is powder-coated. You can also choose from all available RAL colors for the stainless steel frame, which makes it possible to adapt it to your corporate design. The possible combinations are almost endless.

Stabilized moss: natural, long-lasting, easy to care for

The moss used for the room dividers is natural moss that has undergone a gentle stabilization process. This stabilization process is carried out using ecological ingredients. Like wood, moss is renewable and harvested in accordance with current environmental regulations. It is therefore a high-quality natural product that creates a particularly natural office atmosphere.

The ecological stabilization process also ensures that there is no maintenance required. You do not need to water, dust, fertilize or cut the moss room dividers. The stabilization process ensures lasting freshness and high longevity. The stabilized mosses are elastic and feel completely natural. They also regulate the humidity in the office space.

The use of stabilized moss is very versatile. Moss for a partition as soundproofing is an ideal combination. Such office greenery inspires all year round. You and your employees will enjoy the innovative room dividers made of moss for a long time.

Moss room divider for every office

The unique partition walls made of stabilized moss captivate everyone who sees them with their individual patterns. The natural properties create a feel-good atmosphere in the office that makes working particularly productive. Because moss room dividers absorb sound and reduce the noise level.

Are your group offices and open-plan offices still spacious, large, empty and therefore noisy? Then we can help you with effective sound insulation and better room acoustics with our room dividers made of ball moss, Icelandic moss or forest moss. Please contact us for a consultation if you want moss partition walls to give your office space an evergreen character.

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